Music Together® Online (w/ Wed 3:30pm Zoom)

Todd Rosso
Online Classes (location info)
Wednesday, 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
03/17/21 - 05/12/21 (8 weeks)


Our mixed-age online classes are designed especially for families with young children (infants to age 5) who want to exercise the body and mind and foster a life long love of music. Class content will be provided through live Zoom classes and enagaging interactive videos using the same rich collection of songs we would use in our in-person classes. All video content, including the live Zoom classes will be archived so families have access to them throughout the semester. In addition to our weekly online classes, families will receive a high-quality digital recording, songbook, and bonus activities so the musical fun can continue all week long! Our classes encourage the active participation of the whole family and we'll have everyone, infants to adults engaged in the music making.

Upcoming Meetings
04/21/21    3:30 PM Wednesday 04/21/21 3:30 PM
04/28/21    3:30 PM Wednesday 04/28/21 3:30 PM
05/05/21    3:30 PM Wednesday 05/05/21 3:30 PM
05/12/21    3:30 PM Wednesday 05/12/21 3:30 PM