Our Music

The Music of Music Together®

We are proud to teach the Music Together® curriculum, which includes an award-winning mix of original songs and traditional tunes from a range of musical styles, including folk, blues, jazz, and world music. The music is pitched just right for children's voices, and the arrangements are fun, sophisticated, and loved by both children and grownups! The music collections are designed to give children a rich musical experience, and the variety of styles and rhythms makes this music enjoyable for adults too!

Have a listen -- download our “Hello Everybody” app for eight full-length songs.

Music Together songs are organized into twelve unique collections with 25 songs each, with three collections taught each year. Your family is welcome to join us at any time and continue for four years---and beyond. Many families cycle back and re-experience the collections as their children turn three or four. Because music-learning is cumulative, your children will experience developmental benefits that evolve and build and over time. That’s why we encourage their participation in Music Together® from as early as infancy through kindergarten.