Rhythm Kids by Music Together®

For children from preK through second grade, Rhythm Kids® by Music Together® is the music and movement program where children explore rhythm through drumming, singing, and dancing to a combination of Music Together songs, specifically adapted for their age, and new music inspired by traditions around the world, including: West African Gahu, Japanese Taiko, and Brazilian Samba, to name a few.



Rhythm Kids completes the early childhood music development path from birth through age 8, including music pre-literacy. Children learn to drum, sing, move to new rhythms, work in ensembles, conduct, and improvise. Through dynamic music games and activities, they develop skills like recognizing and playing patterns and soloing, they develop timing, coordination, listening skills and self-expression, and they build self-confidence and social abilities. Classes are led by our trained teachers, and children continue learning outside of class with our interactive videos.

The Rhythm Kids program is offered in two groups, one for children ages 4–5, and the other for children in kindergarten through 2nd grade:

Rhythm Kids 1 (ages 4-5)
Rhythm Kids Level 1 is designed to be fun and engaging for preschool children and their parents and caregivers. Active parent participation in the Level 1 class greatly supports the child’s music development and deepens the learning experience.

Children in this class will:

  • Explore rhythm patterns and levels of beat through animal chants, games, and songs using their bodies, voices, and drums
  • Learn to create, cooperate, and express themselves musically
  • Create their own rhythm patterns
  • Explore new ways to play rhythm instruments such as shakers, sticks and drums.
  • Dance and explore rhythm through movement
  • Develop music pre-literacy skills


Rhythm Kids 2 (ages 5 through 8)
Rhythm Kids Level 2 is designed to be especially engaging and fun for children in kindergarten to second grade. While parents and caregivers are not required to attend every class with their child at this age, they are always welcome. We actively invite parents and caregivers to take a turn volunteering in class as a helper to facilitate special musical games and activities. We find this shared musical experience also gives parents and caregivers a chance to see what their child is learning and helps families better support rhythm play at home.

Children in this class will:

  • Enjoy fun, musical games that encourage focus, creativity and teamwork while stretching both mind and body
  • Learn songs, movement, and drumming patterns based in music traditions around the world
  • Learn to play and improvise with traditional drumming patterns through animal rhythm chants, movement exercises, djembe drums and vocal play
  • Learn to lead rhythmic call and responses
  • Develop drum jams with their peers
  • Build skills and confidence in soloing, conducting, and composing music


All Rhythm Kids classes include:Try a free class!

  • Weekly 45 minute classes in a small group setting
  • A songbook with music notation and activities to continue the music making at home.
  • High quality music recordings of the songs learned in class
  • Access to online drumming tutorials and play-alongs for the whole family to enjoy.


Classes meet once a week for 45 minutes over a 10 week session. Drums will be provided for children to use in class but families are encouraged to have a drum at home to play with and practice rhythm patterns along with the online tutorials. For Level 2 families, having a drum at home to practice with is vital because of the importance of practicing rhythm patterns with the videos outside of class. When you register, you’ll receive information on special discounts on djembe drums available to Rhythm Kids families.


Rhythm Kids Class Schedule


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